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“Entering the Game”

Mark E. Shepherd Sr.

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Beckham Publications Group, Inc.

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Early in the morning in 1986, I fell asleep while driving. My car flipped out of control, and that accident left me permanently paralyzed from the waist down.

More than 11,000 Americans yearly suffer from paralysis after an accident. Some go on to lead productive lives despite the formidable obstacles they face.

But too many are lost in the negative statistics of the disabled who are waiting for someone to save them.

Managing your life successfully after becoming disabled is a sojourn like no other. Consider climbing Mt. Everest alone.

You can best manage your arduous challenges by taking the advice of someone who has been there before and can guide you. You need to listen to someone who has survived the game you are about to join.

I am a survivor of the game. I want to help you. So I decided to put down a few of my ideas in my book, Get Back in the Game: How to Regain Your Life After Disability.

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Mark E. Shepherd Sr.